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Electoral Roll Update - All Saints Kenley

  In anticipation of the next All Saints Kenley APCM on 19th May, there will be a revision of the All Saints Kenley Electoral Roll between 7 th  and 21st April 2024.  If anyone wishes to be added or removed from the Roll, please can you contact Jean Gould 07985270678, or email  before 21st April.

We know that Mothering Sunday isn't a day of celebration for everybody. So, there is a service for everyone this Sunday at All Saints, Kenley

    Mothering Sunday can be hard for many people.  Sometimes our relationship with our mum isn’t what we might have wanted it to be, or our Mum is no longer with us and a happy service isn’t right for us; or your Mum or Nana might be seriously ill and it all feels overwhelming. Maybe you have experienced miscarriages or the death of a child. Maybe the day makes you think of people you have lost and you want to remember them quietly. Maybe you long to have children but it just hasn’t happened. It can often feel like these thoughts and memories and feelings aren’t allowed. But that's not the case. They are just as important as everything that goes on all the cards and alongside the bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates. You still might want to do something to mark Mothering Sunday but not with a celebration. Maybe you want to say 'I miss you’ or 'I know you tried your best’ or ‘I forgive you’. Maybe you want to cry for a child you never got to be a parent for as they

Mothering Sunday, 10am Sunday 10th March 2024 - All Saints Kenley

  Our Mothering Sunday service will take place at All Saints Church, Kenley at 10am on Sunday 10th March. Please note, this is a change of venue from that previously advertised.  Celebrating mothers everywhere.  Everyone is very welcome!