October is ADHD & Dyslexia Awareness Month


October is ADHD & Dyslexia awareness month. 

These neurotypes often (but not always) go hand in hand, both causing executive function and processing issues, but also providing the world with incredible creative minds. It is estimated that 40% of people with Dyslexia, also have ADHD. With this combination, they use 5 times more energy to complete mental tasks, which can lead to fatigue.

Both conditions are commonly misunderstood and ADHD is often thought of as a label for “fidgety” or “naughty” boys, whilst dyslexics are often dismissed as just “poor readers” or “not very academic”. 

In fact, both ADHD and Dyslexia are gender neutral conditions, affecting biological males and females equally. However, women can present very differently to the stereotypical indicators and, as such, often go undiagnosed, in comparison to their male counterparts. Historically, it is thought that societal expectations of girls and women meant that “daydreaming”, disorganisation or “impulsive and emotional behaviour” were just ‘feminine’ traits. In the 21st century, it is now recognised that these are neurological differences and ADHD (both Hyperactive and Inattentive) is increasingly being diagnosed across all genders.

There is so much more to the ADHD & Dyslexic brain than this, so we have shared a few infographics to help explain what lies beneath the surface.

Whilst there are a lot of overlapping difficulties in these conditions, the associated strengths are often the most overlooked: creativity, empathy, intuition, generosity, kindness, hyperfocus, problem solving and multitasking. 


For more information on ADHD visit: www.adhduk.co.uk

For more information on Dyslexia: www.bdsdyslexia.org.uk

Credits to @mollys_adhd_mayhem @neurodiversityMB @finnuccinialfredo and @decoding_dyslexia for the infographics. 


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